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Cable de interconexión rca 1m (ocasión)

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Tara Labs (liquidación)

The TARA Labs brand is based on tried and tested solid core technology, using a high purity Australian ore slow-drawn into single, optimized strands of 6N-purity. Aero-quality HDPE insulation, highly polished gold phono plugs and a natty line in brightly-coloured jackets are additional TARA Labs traits carried over from issue 108.

Nevertheless, the elegant simplicity of TARA Labs cable contrasts markedly with the unnecessary complexity of so many competing US designs, a complexity that often has an unpleasant, manipulative effect on their sound. Prism 11 is especially neat, a simple unscreened twisted-pair of 6N copper conductors that affords a spritely and informative sound voted well above Prism 33.

Incidentally, all these TARA cables are marked according to their directional preference though none seems to be equipped with a separate braid or foil screen. This really is a very compatible interconnect that holds true to the ideals of single-strand, solid core technology. It wins through with a performance that’s both naturally balanced and realistically dynamic.

As it stands, Prism 11 is an object lesson in the virtues of simplicity, earning it a hearty Recommendation.

[+]A blend of qualities that are well judged for the price.
[-]Prism 11 lacks the coherence and fine detail of Prism 22.

Inductance0.55 uH
Capacitance76 pF
Resistance32 mohm
Leakage>530 Mohm
Resonant Freq.24.6 MHz
Series Bandpass9.3KHz

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Tara Labs

Tara Labs (liquidación)


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